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Welcome to Nora's new website - enjoy ......
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New Zealand Wool - Its a Natural Choice

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Why wool? - that's a no brainer!! Its a Natural Choice

Our wool suppliers mill is accredited with the highly prestigious NZ Enviromark diamond award.  They operate strict environmental management standards their dye-house, wet and dry finishing and although topical finishes are able to be applied to our product, it is common knowledge that wool is inherently flame retardant without the addition of any chemical treatment.  

Wool fabric has been successfully used in every type of climate where its suitability, sustainability and excellence have been relied upon for centuries. This tried and trusted product has numerous benefits over man-made fibres and in this age of corporate green-washing, you can be certain that wool is above all, a natural, rapidly renewable and fully sustainable resource that is totally biodegradable and can easily be recycled. 

The New Zealand environment is perfect for growing quality wool, due to climate and land type. This delivers wools with superior whiteness, strength, durability and performance characteristics. 

In addition to a low carbon footprint and supporting local,  wool fabrics have low thermal conductivity and, this means that they feel warm to the touch in cold weather and cool in warm weather.  In humid conditions wool can remain comfortable and not clammy because it has the ability to absorb moisture vapour without feeling wet.  

And if thats not enough,  in these days of increasing allergies, wool even offers hypo-allergenic properties. It is naturally resistant to mould, mildew and dust mites, all of which can trigger allergic reactions.  Not only is wool hypo allergenic,  it also acts as an air purifier and reduces VOC's (volatile organic compounds) which are in the air all around us.

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New Zealand wool

Lets face it - what more could you ask for in a fibre,  in this day and age of quality and sustainability, Wool is a natural choice!