Welcome to Nora's new website - enjoy ......
Welcome to Nora's new website - enjoy ......
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Wool Care

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We know a lot of people are put off from buying wool as they're not sure how to care for it.  Luckily with modern inventions, it's getting easier and easier!

All our garments are machine washable, on a cold and gentle cycle - aka "woolwash" on most newer machines.  Please don't "agitate". Of course, you can choose to spot clean or hand wash, and if you do, please don't wring or twist the garment as this will stretch it unnaturally.   

Wool will retain it's shape and colour best if its left to dry flat in the shade. In our household we leave wet woolen items on a flat surface near the heatpump and it's usually dry overnight.

We recommend using a wool-specific detergent as standard clothes detergents are too harsh on soft woolens. You also don't need to use fabric softener on our super soft and luxurious products, they will not like it!

There is no need to pre-wash before wearing as we do not use any nasty chemicals in our manufacturing process, and of course everything is made in New Zealand and not subject to nasty import fumigation. Ala-natur-al here!